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We are a group of experienced Amazon sellers, from wholesale to private label. We also own a fulfillment center and can provide complete A-Z shipping and freight logistics for clients.

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Amazon Services

Product Selection

In depth competitive analysis that reveals product opportunities and products and categories to avoid

Listing Optimization

The whole enchilada - pictures that tell a story to the perfect keywords so Amazon knows exactly where to list your product. On-page optimization as well as backend keyword search characters, including misspellings.

Keyword Analysis

Complete keyword analysis for top search terms as well as long tail search terms. Also, a complete competitor keyword analysis so you can rank for the same keywords as your top competitors.

Sponsored Ads

Amazon PPC drives a lot of traffic. We streamline campaigns to optimize conversions – learning from Amazon search reports and building an intelligence for what works.


Fair and unbiased reviews are part of the Amazon model. We work with several ethical and proven review groups to get reviews fast, and keep them coming.


Cross promote your products for extra visibility, create coupons for off Amazon ads on Facebook or your ecommerce store.

Business Planning

Where do you want your Amazon business to be in one year, 5 years? Amazon stores are selling for a premium right now. Learn how to organize your store and entity to get the highest sales price possible.

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We will walk you through the process step by step.

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